Governor Scott has appointed Bob Katims as a Vermont Superior Court Judge.  Hoff Curtis, founded in 1989 by ex-Governor Phil Hoff and David Curtis, will be winding down business and closing in the coming weeks.

History of Hoff Curtis

When former Governor Phil Hoff joined with former Defender General, David Curtis, to form Hoff Curtis in 1989, they created a firm that has consistently provided the highest quality legal representation in the state. Hoff Curtis was built on a foundation of respect, professionalism, dedication and unparalleled legal advocacy.

Governor Hoff and David Curtis were passionate about protecting and advocating for individual rights and liberties. The values on which the firm was built define Hoff Curtis to this day. Our attorneys are dedicated to fulfilling that mission and carrying on their legacy.  Our Vermont attorneys, Bob Katims, Emily Bayer-Pacht, and Andrea Bayer, are proud of the history of Hoff Curtis and bring their full commitment, knowledge and expertise to each and every case they handle.

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