Vermont Sexual Offenses

The criminal defense attorney at Hoff Curtis handles every type of Vermont sexual offenses.  This includes misdemeanor prohibited acts charges, lewd and lascivious charges, child pornography charges and felony sexual assault charges.  Defending a sexual offense charge in Vermont requires the highest level of skill, advocacy and analysis. Our attorneys understand every intricate aspect of these sensitive matters.  We’ll guide you through the process and fight tirelessly on your behalf.

A skilled criminal defense attorney knows that sexual assault charges require careful and detailed analysis of the evidence, and, often, expert scientific testimony is needed. The team of criminal defense attorneys at Hoff Curtis, lead by Bob Katims, have decades  of experience working every aspect of these cases. Attorney Katims has defended some of the most serious sexual assault cases brought in this state. He knows how to advocate successfully for you and to tell your story in and out of the courtroom. Our firm will fight endlessly for you, and this work will extend beyond the courtroom. We know that being charged with Vermont sexual offenses affects your life in a myriad of ways.  As your advocate, we’ll work to address them all and to secure your desired outcome.

When necessary, we bring in the best and most respected experts to ensure that your side of the story prevails and that your rights and freedom are secure. If you’ve been charged with Vermont sexual offenses, reach out to our Vermont law firm as soon as possible.

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