Vermont Drug Offenses

Vermont drug offenses range from simple possession charges to distributing and trafficking offenses. Unfortunately, the stigma and consequences that can stem from being charged with a drug offense can be overwhelming. The attorneys at Hoff Curtis have successfully defended every type of drug offense charged in Vermont.  We know how to critically examine the state’s evidence and mount an aggressive defense on your behalf.

Often, defending a drug offense involves challenging the state’s evidence. Because of this, our attorneys thoroughly examine every piece of evidence in the state’s case.  We meticulously review video evidence.  We thoroughly examine lab results, and we spend time with you, our client, to hear every detail of your story.  This diligent work allows us to bring strong challenges to the state’s case early in the process, opening doors to the best possible outcome for you.

Being charged with even a minor possession drug offense can cause extreme stress for you and your family.  It also can jeopardize current and future employment opportunities.  You need an attorney you can  trust to navigate this complicated time in your life.  Our attorneys have defended thousands of Vermont drug offenses.  We’re here to help you and fight for you through each step of the process.  Contact one of the criminal defense attorneys at Hoff Curtis today.

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