Governor Scott has appointed Bob Katims as a Vermont Superior Court Judge.  Hoff Curtis, founded in 1989 by ex-Governor Phil Hoff and David Curtis, will be winding down business and closing in the coming weeks.

Federal Sexual Offenses

Being charged with federal sexual offenses is a life changing event. In a moment, your whole world is turned upside down. Child pornography is the most common of federal sexual offenses charged in Vermont. Being indicted on a child pornography possession or distribution charge is a serious matter. These cases require the highest level of advocacy, tenacious litigation skills and diligent discovery review. Our criminal defense team understands every aspect of these cases and knows how to aggressively fight on your behalf.

Bob Katims leads the federal criminal defense practice at Hoff Curtis and brings decades of experience and knowledge to these complex matters. Together, our criminal defense attorneys will investigate the charges against you.  Often, this requires hours of diligent discovery review. When necessary, we bring in the best and most respected experts to fight the government’s case against you. The criminal defense attorneys will use every resource we have to advocate for you and ensure we achieve the best possible outcome.

Bob Katims and the criminal defense attorneys at Hoff Curtis have the experience and skill to guide you and your family through this difficult and complex process. If you’ve been charged with  federal sexual offenses, get in touch with Bob Katims and the Hoff Curtis criminal defense team today.

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