Vermont Motor Vehicle Offenses

Having the privilege to drive is something which many of us take for granted. Now, imagine if that was all taken away from you as a result of Vermont motor vehicle offenses.

These charges can range from minor, such as driving with a license suspension, to more serious, such as attempting to elude, which involves failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. Motor vehicle offenses also include everything from texting while driving, to failing to obey a police officer, to excessive speeding or leaving the scene of an accident. Hoff Curtis has defended hundreds of people charged with Vermont motor vehicle offenses.  We know every aspect of these cases and can get you the results you seek.

Vermont motor vehicle offenses require careful review of the state’s evidence.  Our attorneys will make sure this review is thorough and complete. We know how much having points on a driving record, or getting your license revoked, can be damaging. The team at Hoff Curtis, a Vermont law firm, will analyze the evidence and work to find a solution. Call a criminal defense lawyer today if you have a Vermont motor vehicle offense.

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