Vermont Expungement

In Vermont, there are times when you may be eligible to expunge or seal your past criminal record. This can allow you to move forward with your life, without having a criminal conviction on your record.  A clean record can open doors and opportunities for you. In contrast, having a criminal record can be a barrier to employment and other opportunities.

By statute in Vermont, individuals with certain criminal convictions can petition to have their record expunged or sealed. Sealing and expunging are two different mechanisms available to some individuals to clear certain criminal convictions. Each option is beneficial to an eligible person with a criminal record, but they are distinct. Briefly, expungement means that your criminal record is erased completely and doesn’t exist. Sealing means that the public can no longer access your criminal record, but the record still exists and other agencies may be able to get access to it.

The criminal defense attorneys at Hoff Curtis are well versed in Vermont expungement and sealing laws.  Our attorneys know how to successfully petition for expungement or sealing when our clients are eligible. We also know the importance of expungement, of being able to move forward with your life.  Contact our office today so that we can work together to try and give you a fresh start.

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