Governor Scott has appointed Bob Katims as a Vermont Superior Court Judge.  Hoff Curtis, founded in 1989 by ex-Governor Phil Hoff and David Curtis, will be winding down business and closing in the coming weeks.

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Hoff Curtis Defending Vermont Since 1989

The criminal defense attorneys at Hoff Curtis bring decades of experience to every case we handle.  We’re skilled litigators and dedicated advocates. Our criminal defense team has handled every type of criminal case that’s brought in Vermont. This ranges from misdemeanor property and drug offenses, to felony murder and sexual assault cases.  We bring the same unparalleled level of expertise, commitment and skill to each case we handle.  This allows us to achieve the results you need.

When you’ve been charged with a federal offense, your opponent, the United States Government, is powerful and the stakes are high.  You need an attorney that is never intimidated and can match that adversary every step of the way to ultimately prevail.  At Hoff Curtis, Bob Katims and his team has represented clients in Vermont Federal Court for over 25 years.  Attorney Katims has represented clients charged with complex drug offenses, child pornography and even kidnapping and murder. Our criminal defense attorneys bring incredible knowledge, diligence and tenacious advocacy to these complicated and serious cases.

Our approach to criminal defense is centered around you, our client. As your advocate, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process.  We know that being charged with a crime can have a devastating impact on many aspects of your life.  Because of this, we take the time to listen to your specific concerns and goals.  From there, we build a multi-faceted defense strategy to ensure we achieve your desired outcome.

Our defense attorneys know from experience that a successful defense extends far beyond the courtroom. As your advocate, we strive to always uphold your dignity in and out of the courtroom.  This means that we litigate tirelessly, effectively and aggressively on your behalf.  But this also means that we take the time to know and advise you about the ramifications your criminal charge can have on all aspects of your life. In this way, we strive to be a true advocate for you, your family and your needs.


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