Relief from Abuse

Whether you’ve filed for a Relief from Abuse Order or been served with one, it’s a scary and highly emotional time. It’s crucial that your attorney takes the time to listen to you and understand what led to this point. We’ll advocate for you from the Temporary Order to the Final Hearing to preserve your rights and help you navigate the complexities of the Relief from Abuse process.

Relief from Abuse proceedings are time sensitive.  We need to act quickly on your behalf.  Final hearings are set within 10 days from the time you are served with a temporary order.  It’s important to contact an attorney immediately upon being served with a temporary relief from abuse order. Temporary relief from abuse orders are heard after only hearing one side of the story. The final hearing is your opportunity to present your side of the story. Often, criminal charges are brought at the same time as relief from abuse proceedings. Because of this, it’s critical to receive advice on the relationship between the criminal and family court proceeding.  The attorneys at Hoff Curtis, whose practice is focused on family and criminal law, are in a unique position to advise you in this arena.

Our family law attorneys are also here to help you file a Relief from Abuse petition, when necessary.  This process isn’t easy.  The attorneys at Hoff Curtis are experienced and compassionate.  We’ll skillfully guide you through each step of the process and make sure your voice is heard.

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