Our divorce attorneys bring their dedication, compassion and expertise to every divorce case they handle. We start our process by listening to you, your story and your goals. From there, we advocate tirelessly to ensure that you and your family obtain the security you need. Our divorce attorneys are in constant contact with their clients. This ensures we can meet your needs at every step in the process. We bring this hands-on approach to each and every case we handle.

The divorce process in Vermont is detailed and specific. Everything from IRAs to cash on hand to child support require specific attention. Luckily, our divorce attorneys are meticulous, thorough and goal oriented. We work with our clients to gather the information we need to fight for them effectively. In this way, we build a partnership with them, so that we can work together to take care of the client and their family.

When you are going through a huge transition, you need an advocate who can guide you through the process. As your divorce attorney, we will listen to you and advocate skillfully on your behalf at all times.  Sometimes, this skillful advocacy comes in the form of working cooperatively towards resolution. At other times, this advocacy requires zealous in-court litigation on your behalf. The divorce attorneys at Hoff Curtis possess unparalleled skill and experience in both arenas.

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