Governor Scott has appointed Bob Katims as a Vermont Superior Court Judge.  Hoff Curtis, founded in 1989 by ex-Governor Phil Hoff and David Curtis, will be winding down business and closing in the coming weeks.

Child Custody

When you’re facing a child custody dispute, the stakes are huge.  Because of this, you need a family law attorney who cares deeply and will fight endlessly for you and your children.  The attorneys at Hoff Curtis bring complete dedication to their family law cases.  We know the stakes and we care about the outcome.  Our family law attorneys use their experience and compassion to guide their clients through every step of the child custody process.

Child custody disputes in Vermont have two main components: physical and legal parental rights and responsibilities.  The former deals with the physical custody of the child or children.  The latter deals with who has the decision-making power in regards to the child or children.  Both components matter.  Our family law attorneys know how to navigate physical and legal parental rights issues and secure the outcome you need.

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