Vermont DUI Offenses

The criminal defense team at Hoff Curtis has aggressively defended thousands of Vermont DUI offenses.  We know every aspect of DUI defense. Our team will guide you through the complex criminal and civil DUI process and we will work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve your desired outcome.

Vermont DUI offenses and convictions have significant and long-term consequences. These include fines, license suspensions and insurance premiums.  Beyond that, a DUI conviction can affect current and future employment and the fundamental security of you and your family.  Because of this, we take the time to listen and know each one of DUI clients.  We partner with you to understand what is most important to you. Then, we use our honed litigation skills to advocate tenaciously on your behalf.

DUI charges are time sensitive. If you have Vermont DUI offenses, we urge you to contact our defense attorneys immediately so that we can understand your situation and begin working for you.

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