Andrea Bayer

Andrea Bayer has had many years of experience as an attorney specializing in Juvenile Law, Family Law and Criminal Defense Law. She began her legal career in New York City as a Law Clerk to United States District Court Judge Dudley B. Bonsal for the Southern District of New York. Following this one-year position, she worked as a litigation attorney in a large corporate law firm in New York City. She soon discovered that her passion lies in protecting and safeguarding the rights of clients facing major challenges brought by criminal charges or family court proceedings. These ordeals turn their worlds upside down and is a time when compassionate, zealous and skilled advocacy is most needed.

She honed her skills as a Public Defender for the Legal Aid Society in New York City where she was a trial attorney and lead counsel representing clients in numerous serious felony cases. After moving to Vermont, she continued her work as a criminal defense lawyer and as a Juvenile and Family law attorney. In addition, she worked for nine years as the Administrative Director of a pre-kindergarten through 12th grade private school, and was also the Chair of the Board of Trustees of that school. In that capacity, she worked closely with children and their families and in the field of education.

She’s committed to being an ardent and excellent spokesperson for those in the midst of challenging ordeals that impact their personal liberty or their family life. She has the ability to bring people together and communicate a position in a persuasive, non-threatening way. This, coupled with extensive litigation experience as a zealous and effective courtroom advocate, leads to outstanding results for the clients she serves.

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