Governor Scott has appointed Bob Katims as a Vermont Superior Court Judge.  Hoff Curtis, founded in 1989 by ex-Governor Phil Hoff and David Curtis, will be winding down business and closing in the coming weeks.

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Hoff Curtis was built on a
foundation of respect,
professionalism, dedication
and unparalleled legal advocacy

Vermont Criminal Defense

Providing zealous legal representation and dedicated client support through every step of the legal process

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We offer skillful and zealous advocacy combined with compassion and support – we understand this is a difficult time and we will see you through it every step of the way.

Federal Criminal Defense

We have the training, experience and expertise you need in the Federal system to get you the best possible outcome in these cases.

Hoff Curtis was built on a foundation of respect, professionalism and advocacy for every client we serve.


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Vermont Since 1989

No matter what type of legal issue you’re facing, having a skilled, experienced and passionate legal team behind you is vital to securing a favorable outcome. The attorneys at Hoff Curtis offer unparalleled legal representation in federal and state criminal defense and in family and divorce law. Hoff Curtis will unfailingly provide you with the high quality advocacy you need.

Our attorneys have represented thousands of clients in every county in the state in diverse and complex cases. We have the talent and skills to successfully litigate your case and the understanding and experience to secure for you a just resolution, when appropriate. At Hoff Curtis we fight for our clients every step of the way.


Emily is a compassionate and thoughtful attorney.  She is reassuring and skillful and has handled my case with the right blend of humanity and professionalism.  I know she is in my corner and that she will not shy away from facing the difficult questions head on.

I contacted Bob after I got a DUI. I was shaken and embarrassed. He was kind and confident throughout the process. The best part was the result a dismissal!

Emily’s expertise and kind, professional manner was exactly what I needed when momentum stalled on what we had hoped would be a DIY divorce. She understood our desire to keep things simple and provided the nudge we needed to keep things moving forward.

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